What to do with 404 Errors
Posted on August 26, 2014 by

What To Do with Your 404 (Missing) Page Errors

While running a ecommerce store over the past year I’ve had to deal with more 404 page errors then normal. This happens more often with a online store than a regular site due to products not being available anymore.

I’ve also been asked by other store owners that want to maximize their SEO efforts on what to do with these pages. They always ask ‘Should I leave the page alone or redirect it?. And what response code should I use?’

It can get really complex but it doesn’t have to be that way for most of the websites on the internet. Here is a little cheat sheet you should follow with what to do with your 404 page (Not Found) errors: Read More

The Simple SEO Optimization Guide
Posted on August 12, 2014 by

The Simple SEO Optimization Guide

This is a simple SEO Optimization Guide that covers the basics on how to get your website/articles ranking in Google and the other search engines.

All to often I deal with clients, developers, and friends that don’t even know the basics for getting their websites and articles found by the search engines. Some of them did start reading SEO articles but eventually stopped because they were too complicated. Keyword research, links, and outreach are very important but for those things to matter you have to know the basics of onsite optimization. Google can’t help you unless you help yourself. For that reason, this simple on-site optimization guide was born. Read More

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If you are building an app: Know how to code or have a co-founder who can.

I’m not that great at programming applications but give me a few hours with some code and I can hack it up (make minor changes) since I’m familiar with multiple programming languages (node.js, java, ruby). But when it comes to building applications from scratch or making major changes to code, that is something I’m unable to do and this is the main reason my start-up Plexd won’t be launching anymore.

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How We Gained 11k Followers on Instagram in 5 days

Over the span of 5 days we gained over 11,000 followers over at Gothiphop on Instagram. Below I have created a case study on how we did it and have included stats from the 5 days.

(If you want to just read the takeaways, jump to the bottom.)

Just a little background before I dive in to this case study:

I’m the Digital Content Director for Gothiphop.com which is a site that posts music videos as they are released by record labels and artists. We are heavily involved in social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) and it has become a huge driver of our traffic to the site. In the middle of December 2013, we came up with the idea of doing a end of the year ‘Top 13 Music Videos From 2013′ and decided that instead of releasing the listicle on the site, we would do a countdown on Instagram, breaking down each our reasons for the videos position on the list. Our plan was to start on the Dec 28th and finish the list on New Years Day. Below I’m going to breakdown how we went about it doing this list strictly on Instagram that in the end, gained us over 11,000 new followers. Read More

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The Presumed Death of Vine was Miscalculated

Vine has not only beaten the odds so far, it’s thriving.

When Instagram integrated video into their application many presumed that Vine would die shortly after. Well, Vine hasn’t met that fate and since then, Vine has only gotten stronger. Vine is very tight lipped about their daily active users but from their most recent numbers, they have gained 27 Million users since Instagram integrated video in June (2013). Here are the reasons Vine didn’t go anywhere when Instagram went to video:

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Are Facebook’s 17 Targeting Options Too Invasive?

Does Facebook’s 17 targeting options show how invasive the platform really is?

In a recent post by TBG’s Inside Social blog, they exposed how Facebook blows away other social platforms in the number of ways you can target users on their platform with 17 options (Twitter was second with 11). As I deal with PPC accounts on a daily basis and consult companies on what strategies can broaden their reach, Facebook provides the highest level of engagement but when going through the list one by one you start to notice how invasive these options actually are. Read More

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7 Social Channels Your Brand Must Have A Presence On


In a recent study done by eMarketer, 18.6% of brands were using at least 7 social channels. This is up from previous years which tells you that brands are seeing a good ROI from social. Not only are they seeing a good return on investment but being on all these social channels is helping brands rank well in the search engines. Now I’m sure some of them are sharing the same content on the less popular channels (Which not advised because each channel has a different audience) but that is fine because with the way social networks jump in and out of popularity, it is more important to at least have a social presence on the following 7 channels.

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It’s Time To Take Infographics Mobile

Infographics are something users have come to love, and marketers love to create. The analytics behind many Infographic case studies shows this type of media works well.  They are crowd pleasing, very engaging, and everybody from Moms to top-level executives love them but there is a problem…Infographics are dead in their current form. With mobile on pace to account for more traffic than desktop by 2014, the modern web infographic needs a major overhaul. Read More

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